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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

American Horror Story

Recently, the boyfriend and I decided to rent the first season of American Horror Story from Family Video. I watched the first episode of the second season on FX and I really wanted to see how the first season was. It was an amazing show. It has it's scary moments, but it is so messed up in an addicting I-can't-stop-watching kind of way.
When I watched the last episode, I was so sad it was over. I'm not the kind of person that watches television. I think I may have watched the first season of Grey's Anatomy when it was on TV and that's about the extent of the television shows that I have watched religiously. I always forget it's on and then since I've missed some episodes, I don't know what's going on, and then I give up. Now I'm sad that American Horror Story is over.

For those of you who haven't heard of the TV series, I'll give you a little background.
The Harmon Family, which includes Vivien (mom), Ben (dad), and Violet (daughter), move into this huge house in LA to fix their family. Ben cheated on Vivien and promises that things will change. Vivien is having a very hard time trusting Ben again. Violet is a typical teenager trying to find her own identity. Little do they know that the house they decide to move into is no ordinary house and they are in store for some very terrible, exciting, and life changing things. 
How Ben sees the family.
Now that you have a little background, I introduce to you my top 3 favorite and least favorite characters from the show.
SPOILER ALERT: I will give away some information, so if you don't want anything to be ruined, you have been pre-warned!
Top 3 Favorites
1. Vivien Harmon 
Vivian is by far my favorite character. She is flawless, yet has her flaws. She is scared, yet still fights. She has been through so much in her life, yet she still wakes up in the morning to take on more. She is every woman's hero and that's why she is my number one favorite character. She's just so likable. Plus, Connie Britton plays the role so well. 

2. Moira
At first Moira seems likes she's bad. She was a whore in her younger years and that's what got her stuck in the house. Plus, every time she's around men, she's somehow seducing him. But then you find out that in reality, it's just how the men are seeing her. They aren't seeing her for what she really is. One of the main reasons I really liked her was because she protected Vivien. She helped her to understand the house and warned her to get out. The only thing I didn't understand was why she was the only ghost that had aged.

3. Tate Langdon 
Now, Tate may not seem like the kind of guy that should be on my favorites list. He went on a shooting spree through his high school and also set his mother's boyfriend on fire. Then in his ghost life, he rapes Vivien and gets her pregnant. Definitely not good things. And honestly, Tate didn't become one of my favorites until I got further into the series. I believe that he really did change and he did it because of Violet. Obviously, I don't blame Violet for not forgiving him for what he did, but I think Tate really did change for her and finally asked for forgiveness for what he did. Also, he protects Violet a lot throughout the show and always looks out for her best interest.

Top 3 Least Favorite 
1. Hayden
There are many reasons why Hayden is my least favorite character. First of all,  she's the one that Ben is having an affair with. Second, she tries to kill Vivien and is the reason she gets put into the mental hospital. She's needy, whiny, and extremely angry. Instead of taking her anger out on Ben, who is the steam of all of her frustration, she takes it out on Vivien, which makes me really not like her. She is a PSYCHO.

2. Ben Harmon
Yes ladies, Ben Harmon may seem like a good looking man, but once you get to know him, you realize he's just a scumbag. He cheats on his wife (Vivien) with one of his psychology students (Hayden). He promises he won't do it again, but he does anyway and Hayden gets prego. Hayden (who, as stated above, is psycho) wants Ben to herself, but for whatever reason, Ben insists on continuing to fix the family that he has ripped apart and turns Hayden down. What makes me the most mad about Ben is that nothing bad ever happens to him until the end. Somehow, Vivien and Violet are always the ones that bad stuff happens to. I like him a little more at the end, but over all, I think he's a low life for cheating on his wife, ruining his family, and then making them move into the house that ultimately ends them. 

3. Larry Harvey 
At first, I though Larry was a good guy that was truly trying to help. Then I found out his past and I saw how he really was. He would do anything for Constance, including leave his wife and two daughters. As a result, his wife burns her and the daughters in the bathroom of the house. He shows no remorse whatsoever and still pawns over Constance. He starts to date Constance, which is when Tate visits him at work and starts him on fire, causing the disfigured face. He's a bad person and in the end, he just wants the house for himself and never had any intentions of helping the Harmon family. 

If you've never seen the show, I highly recommend that you watch it. It's the best show I've seen in a long time and it definitely keeps you watching. It's creepy at times, but in the end, it all makes sense. Hopefully I didn't ruin the show for anyone by giving away spoilers! I did warn you. 
and hey, just another way to get you to watch it, take a look at this video.

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