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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Wishes {1}

I got this wonderful idea from a blog I recently found called Bright Wishes, which is run by Brooke (It's really a fantastic blog! Click on the link above or click on the button on the left handside of my page to check it out!). So I decided to link up with her and give this a try!

One.} A dachshund puppy.

Just look at that face... How can this not be one of my wishes on this wonderful Wednesday?

Two.} Get accepted into the nursing program.

I handed in my application at the end of January and my interview is coming up on March 6th. I am very nervous! I should know by the end of March if I get accepted or not. Fingers crossed!

Three.} This sweatshirt.

It just looks cozy, doesn't it? This just makes me want to go shopping!

Four.} A better sleep schedule.

Going to bed at 3 a.m. and then sleeping until 11 really isn't working for me. I would like to go to bed a lot early and get up a lot early. (Bad habits of a college student)

Five.} A Chanel handbag.

I have wanted one of these for a loooooooong time. Now just to find the money to actually buy one...


I really want to get back into the routine of going to the gym. Not only does it help me health wise, it also just makes me feel good.


  1. girl i love your wednesday wishes!! brooke is my good friend..i love her! isn't she wonderful? :)

    1. Thanks girl! She is so wonderful! :) Her blog is adorable. and don't even get me started on your blog! I LOVE it. Especially the name. Soooo adorable. :) Thanks for the follow! I will be looking into sponsering your blog!

  2. A. I NEED that puppy.
    B. My sleep schedule is wacky, too! Seriously I think college's goal (as if it were a person) is to deprive us of sleep. I also go to bed around 2-3 and have class or work at 8 everyday. Ughh. Not cool. The other night I went to be before midnight and I thought it was way too early. My mom always tells me I need to get more sleep and I just tell her I don't have time for such nonsense. Haha.
    Glad I found your blog! We can definitely relate :)

  3. Yes yes yes!

    Where is that grey sweater from?!? I want one...and a Chanel Bag. hehe

  4. Aw, thanks Hannah and Courtney!! I love your wishes and good luck on your interview!

  5. Good luck with the interview and application!!
    (love that nurse pic. :) hilarious)

  6. aww, that dachshund puppy is so cute!!! and now that i saw it, i want that sweater too! ;)

    p.s. good luck on your interview! i am sending you positive thoughts! :D

    <3, Mimi