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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Obsessively Loving- Him. And I know, I'm so cheesy. 

Obsessively Reading- Honestly, I haven't been able to get into a good book since the summer. Sad day. I usually love reading, but I can't seem to find a book a I really want to read. Plus, I'll be reading enough this coming semester that I'll never want to look at a book again.

Obsessively Watching- American Horror Story! My boyfriend and I watched the entire season. Then they put in on Netflix, so we just re-watched it. I. Love. That. Show.

Obsessively Anticipating- The semester to start. It's that excitement to dive into "real" nursing information, but the anxiety of "how hard is this going to be?"

Obsessively Listening- Two words. Avett Brothers. 

Obsessively Wishing- I currently started a new job as a housekeeper and I am also going to be starting a job somewhere else. This means I will have three jobs total + going to school full time. I'm wishing {praying} that I will be able to handle everything and not become too overwhelmed. 

Obsessively Needing- 


Need I say more?

Obsessively Crafting- Since I got a sewing machine for Christmas, I've been trying to do anything that involves sewing. I love it. 

I linked up with Glued to my Crafts. Please go check out her page!


  1. so not cheesy!
    The puppies in that picture are sooo cute! :)

    1. I know I love love love dogs. Especially wiener dogs :) My goal is to get one soon!

  2. Three jobs?! You girl! Work it lol. i hear the dollar signs right now.

    Thanks for linking up at Thursday Obsessions. Dont be a stranger!


    1. I can't wait until I'll be SEEING the dollars :) It will be hard work, but worth it in the end!