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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Slanted Nails

My inspiration for this slanted nail design was the Bow Mani.
What they did was this.


What I did was this. 

It was really a simple design and it wasn't too much headache to accomplish. Want to do this to your nails? Here's how!

Two colors (your choice), top coat, and sparkly nail art paint

Scotch Tape

Step one: Paint your nails the color that you want to be on the bottom. I chose white. Let it dry for a while so that it isn't sticky and won't come off when we do the next step.

Step two: Place Scotch tape over the area that you want to stay white (or color of choice). For this design, you would place it on a slant. Then take you're other color and paint in the area where you want it. It will look like this.

Make sure that as soon as you are done painting, you take the tape off. If you leave the tape on, it is more likely that it will pull the white off. 

Step Three: You could leave it like this, or you could add a little something to it. I added some sparkly nail art polish (It has a pointy tip, so it's easier to guide the paint where you want it). Finally, add a top coat and voil√†, you have just made the slanted nail design.  Now it's time to give yourself a pat on the back (Only after your nails are dry of course!)